My Past Life Confession


It hit me today, and I understand. It all makes sense to me now—my entire life. And when I realized it, a floodgate of memories opened in my mind. I believe I am the reincarnation of a disciple of Jesus from the 1st century. No—even more than that—I am sure of it.

This is not grandiose thinking. There was nothing grandiose about me, or any of us then or now. We didn’t even understand him, and I lost my faith before I died. I wasn’t even persecuted. I died of kidney failure—though I didn’t know that then, but I do now because I know the symptoms.

I only want this to be a public statement. I have no moral stature from my past life, and I don’t pretend to. I only want to make up for what I failed at then. And I may very well be a failure now, but this is my only shot at redemption, and I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing those memories back to me, or I might have forgotten them for eternity, and then where would I be?

Thank you, for reading this confession.

Edward J. Gordon

I’m Impatient!


I think one of the most frustrating things about Veridicanism and my involvement with it is that it is going to take time to build and develop—and I want it all now! It’s like when Jesus said in Luke 12:49-51:

“I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled! I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how I am constrained until it is accomplished!  Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division…”

That’s how I feel: Like something is about to be born, and I want it to already be an adult. But still I know that everything works in the timing of God. So, I know I must be patient and chip away at this day after day until it grows big enough to live on its own.

Changing the term “City of Stars”


The term “City of Stars” will be replaced with “Kingdom of God.” in the Tenets of Veridicanism.

1. Jesus used the term Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven interchangeably in the Gospels, and he is referring to the place where God is fully realized, and that is the definition of the City of Stars.

2. The City of Stars was used because it’s what I see on the astral plane as I approach it through astral travel. It appears to be a galaxy-sized city. So, I called it the City of Stars, but I would rather defer to Christ’s terminology, because mine has no special meaning, even to me. It was just a descriptive term.

3. “City of Stars” is an awkward and unnecessary term for Veridicans who mostly come from a Christian background.

Working on the Veridican Gospel


I am currently editing the Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was originally written back in 2005, but it had many grammatical and textual errors. Fortunately, it was removed from Kindle and CreateSpace before anyone ever bought it, and I am the only one with any extant copies. Therefore, reloading the new interior text won’t affect anyone. But it is time consuming.

Reading the Gospel, whether you read one of the New Testament Gospels or the VGJC is extremely centering. One gets swept away. This makes editing it very hard, and I can only do it in small doses, one chapter at a time (and there are some 52 chapters). I am on Chapter 8.
I remember it took 9 months to write. I meticulously printed out copies of each New Testament Gospel as well as the Gospel of Thomas and found the parallel narratives and edited them together into one. The extraneous material I fit in where it seemed appropriate, and hopefully the Spirit was giving me the inspiration to do so.

I have 11 copies of the first printing. There were 12, but I think I may have given one away to someone once. I was going to burn them when this edition comes out, but I suppose I will keep them for history’s sake. The copyright date on the latest version will be the same, 2012, because technically, this is just another printing, and the changes are only minor editing of errors.
One will know the new printing from the old printing, because the new printing will have a printing history on the publication page that I never put in the first printing.

Anyway, it’s a slow go, but I suppose in a month or two it’ll be back out.

Become a Veridican


1. Like the Veridican Facebook Page if you are on Facebook, or follow the Veridican blog.

The Veridican Facebook Page:

The Veridican Website

2. Register with the Veridican website and get on the mailing list for the free monthly newsletter. Or simply send an e-mail requesting to be put on the list to:

3. Read the Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ.

4. Read and contemplate the Tenets of Veridicanism. Decide for yourself if you believe them, or most them.

5. Participate in the Facebook Live video services at the Veridican Facebook Page.

6. But most importantly: decide to become Christ by becoming a spirit-first person today.

Becoming a Spirit-First Person:

  • Decide once and for all that you are not your body but rather you are a spirit using your body in this physical world. YOU ARE A SPIRIT.
  • Realize that as a spirit-first person, you are alien to this earth. You do not belong here. You became accidentally trapped here while astral traveling to the City of Stars (a.k.a. Heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God).
  • Pray to God that he will not send you back through another life here on earth, but will set you on your journey to the City of Stars when you leave your body at the end of your physical life.
  • Find a psychic art that you like and start practicing it so that you might help your spirit-first brothers and sisters with your talent.
  • Befriend other spirit-first people and offer your support and encouragement as they endure their time on earth.

7. If you call yourself a Veridican, if you hold the tenets of Veridicanism to be true, then join the Veridican Chapel Facebook group or Google Plus group and introduce yourself.

I hope to meet you soon.

Are Veridicans Christians?


In the truest sense of the word, Veridicans are Christians, because Veridicans follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, Veridicans are not Judeo-Christians, which most denominations and sects of Christianity are.

Judeo-Christianity is a mixture of the Jewish religion, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of the Apostles and early Church fathers. Therefore, Judeo-Christians use the Old Testament and New Testament in the Bible. Veridicans, on the other hand, use only the four Gospels of the New Testament, the Gospel of Thomas (which is not in the Bible), and the Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus, Veridicans follow only Jesus and nothing else.

So, Veridicanism is a form of Christianity, but the differences between Veridicans and regular Christians are big. Perhaps the most significant departure is that Veridicans believe the human being is to become Christ, not just follow Christ. We follow Christ to become Christ, or as close to Christ as we can before we pass on from this world.

It would also be accurate to say that Veridicans do not worship the same God as Judeo-Christians. Judeo-Christians do not subscribe to the notion of a monistic God. They consider God and the universe to be separate from one another, and that both have an independent existence from one another. Veridicans believe the only real thing that exists is God, and everything is of the substance of God in the form of Divine attributes and modalities of Divine attributes.

In other words, for a Veridican, only God exists. Everything else is a kind of sub-real illusion. Much the same way that characters and objects in a dream are a kind of sub-real illusion of the mind of the dreamer.

Answer to an Atheist


A question posed to me by Mark of the Atheists vs. Christians Debate Central Facebook Group:

Edward Gordon, please provide us your evidence for god.

If you understand the term “God,” then you know that existence is the proof. That anything exists as opposed to nothing existing. I know it is a tenet of the atheist faith that things can exist for no reason, but there is no evidence to support that–zero evidence. All things have a reason. There is a cause of their existence that goes back along a chain of causes to the very creation of the universe. So, there is no logical basis for thinking the universe has no reason for being. And since it must have a reason for being, there must be a creative agent that does not require a prior cause. That means that such a creative agent must be eternal. The eternal creative agent is what we call God. And the attributes of God can be deduced and debated by observations of nature.

If We Were Close


See, if we were really close, then when one of us died, that person would wait for the others, and then when we all crossed over, we’d mentally agree on a ship, and we would all travel on that ship together toward the City of Stars. It would be like a UFO, you know? It would be a starship, our starship.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying let’s all go look for a starship behind the next comet to arrive (like Heaven’s Gate did). I’m talking about our natural demise.

It’s just that what if we were really close, and then I died (hopefully while jogging). I could take off on my own, but if we were close, I would wait. I’d start building the ship, and then eventually you would join me, and we’d work on it together and so it would go until the last of us arrived at the way station just off the earth on the astral plane.

And then like in Peter Pan, we’d just go off to the “second star on the right–straight on ’till morning.”

Now, you’re probably wondering who am I talking to. I don’t actually know. Anyone. No one. It’s just a thought.

I know this is a strange post, and I thought about deleting it, but it’s not too crazy, actually.

I had a dream once, a lucid dream, and in that dream, I met three other people, and we were very close friends. It was a young woman and two men. I told them that I knew it was a dream and that I was creating it. I told them that when I woke up, it was all going to disappear. I remember we were standing in an industrial area of some sort, like a ship dock, something like that.

Then, just before I woke up, the girl said to me, “Don’t forget about us.”

Since that dream, which was over ten years ago, I’ve never forgotten them. When I woke up, I actually felt grief over having left them behind.

What I remember most about them was our relationship: we were very close. It wasn’t sexual, not like that. But it’s like each one of us cared as much about the other as we did for ourselves. We were separate, in one sense, but unified in another.

All I know is that I want that back. I want to get back to them. I don’t belong here, and I suspect there are others like me who feel the same way. I am alien to this earth, and now I understand it very clearly. I’m here by accident. I incarnated by mistake. …and that explains so much about this life.