Upon Googling Veridican: A Retraction

Please note the date of this post. It is May 11, 2017.

Veridicanism is different today than it was when I was promoting it over two decades ago. As you know, the internet is written in stone, and what appears on the internet, once the possibility of deleting has passed, is there forever.

In the past, Veridicanism was a banner I waved while debating with atheists. So, I said some things under that banner that were angry, hateful, and most of all immature. But in 1996, we didn’t realize the internet would record everything forever. We were all just debating and vying for the most attention to our posts.

I now have a much more mature outlook on life. I see things far more tolerantly, and I try to think before I speak. I am hoping to build a final structure to the philosophy of Veridicanism that people can read and draw some enlightenment from. Hopefully, it will lead to more spirit-first people in the world.

Anything written after this date, I stand behind. Anything written before this date, I would really like to retract, that is if you will let me. If you won’t, then I understand that. But if you read something prior to May 11, 2017 that offends you, I apologize for that. It certainly wouldn’t be my intent to offend you today. I only ask that you realize a person must grow in thought, understanding, and in spirit, they aren’t born with all the right words pre-loaded.


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