The Spirit-First Orientation of Veridicans

Way back in time, when I was a Christian, and I had my convictions as a Christian, I had tremendous faith, but then I grew out of that, and I put it away, but when I did, I put away my faith as well.

I studied everything trying to get my religion back, all manner of religious and occult practices. Along the way, I even developed my psychic gifts of divination and used them to become a professional psychic, but I still had an empty hole in my heart where Christianity used to fit, and I knew there was no going back to it.

Because once you pull away the curtain to reveal the true Oz, once you’ve turned around and seen the people walking by the cave entrance (Read the allegory of the Cave in Plato’s Republic.), there’s no way to go back and recapture the faith and conviction that used to keep you warm within its ignorance.

So, I made a list of what I believe. After all my spiritual travels, I have 7 statements I absolutely know to be true. I know they are true, because they’ve been revealed to me, or I’ve seen them with my own spiritual senses while in astral travel. And when I read them, I feel the conviction I used to have. For years now, in my mind, they’ve stood the test of time, so I present them to you now, and I call it the Spirit-First Orientation of Veridicans.

1. We are spirit first and physical second.

2. Spirit-first people are alien to the earth.

3. Every spirit-first consciousness has an astral home within the astral City of Stars.

4. The earth is a waypoint on our journey to that City.

5. Our life on earth is an accidental delay we encountered on our journey.

6. We do not die. Death is simply waking up to leave this waypoint.

7. Our goal now is to awaken our spirit-first orientation so we can find others of our kind and offer our support and companionship while we wait to to travel on to the City of Stars.


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