If We Were Close


See, if we were really close, then when one of us died, that person would wait for the others, and then when we all crossed over, we’d mentally agree on a ship, and we would all travel on that ship together toward the City of Stars. It would be like a UFO, you know? It would be a starship, our starship.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying let’s all go look for a starship behind the next comet to arrive (like Heaven’s Gate did). I’m talking about our natural demise.

It’s just that what if we were really close, and then I died (hopefully while jogging). I could take off on my own, but if we were close, I would wait. I’d start building the ship, and then eventually you would join me, and we’d work on it together and so it would go until the last of us arrived at the way station just off the earth on the astral plane.

And then like in Peter Pan, we’d just go off to the “second star on the right–straight on ’till morning.”

Now, you’re probably wondering who am I talking to. I don’t actually know. Anyone. No one. It’s just a thought.

I know this is a strange post, and I thought about deleting it, but it’s not too crazy, actually.

I had a dream once, a lucid dream, and in that dream, I met three other people, and we were very close friends. It was a young woman and two men. I told them that I knew it was a dream and that I was creating it. I told them that when I woke up, it was all going to disappear. I remember we were standing in an industrial area of some sort, like a ship dock, something like that.

Then, just before I woke up, the girl said to me, “Don’t forget about us.”

Since that dream, which was over ten years ago, I’ve never forgotten them. When I woke up, I actually felt grief over having left them behind.

What I remember most about them was our relationship: we were very close. It wasn’t sexual, not like that. But it’s like each one of us cared as much about the other as we did for ourselves. We were separate, in one sense, but unified in another.

All I know is that I want that back. I want to get back to them. I don’t belong here, and I suspect there are others like me who feel the same way. I am alien to this earth, and now IĀ understand it very clearly. I’m here by accident. I incarnated by mistake. …and that explains so much about this life.

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