Answer to an Atheist


A question posed to me by Mark of the Atheists vs. Christians Debate Central Facebook Group:

Edward Gordon, please provide us your evidence for god.

If you understand the term “God,” then you know that existence is the proof. That anything exists as opposed to nothing existing. I know it is a tenet of the atheist faith that things can exist for no reason, but there is no evidence to support that–zero evidence. All things have a reason. There is a cause of their existence that goes back along a chain of causes to the very creation of the universe. So, there is no logical basis for thinking the universe has no reason for being. And since it must have a reason for being, there must be a creative agent that does not require a prior cause. That means that such a creative agent must be eternal. The eternal creative agent is what we call God. And the attributes of God can be deduced and debated by observations of nature.

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