Are Veridicans Christians?


In the truest sense of the word, Veridicans are Christians, because Veridicans follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, Veridicans are not Judeo-Christians, which most denominations and sects of Christianity are.

Judeo-Christianity is a mixture of the Jewish religion, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of the Apostles and early Church fathers. Therefore, Judeo-Christians use the Old Testament and New Testament in the Bible. Veridicans, on the other hand, use only the four Gospels of the New Testament, the Gospel of Thomas (which is not in the Bible), and the Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus, Veridicans follow only Jesus and nothing else.

So, Veridicanism is a form of Christianity, but the differences between Veridicans and regular Christians are big. Perhaps the most significant departure is that Veridicans believe the human being is to become Christ, not just follow Christ. We follow Christ to become Christ, or as close to Christ as we can before we pass on from this world.

It would also be accurate to say that Veridicans do not worship the same God as Judeo-Christians. Judeo-Christians do not subscribe to the notion of a monistic God. They consider God and the universe to be separate from one another, and that both have an independent existence from one another. Veridicans believe the only real thing that exists is God, and everything is of the substance of God in the form of Divine attributes and modalities of Divine attributes.

In other words, for a Veridican, only God exists. Everything else is a kind of sub-real illusion. Much the same way that characters and objects in a dream are a kind of sub-real illusion of the mind of the dreamer.

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