Tenets of Veridicanism

1. GOD

a. We believe that God is monistic in nature.
b. We believe God has infinite attributes
c. We believe God’s attributes are expressed through infinite modalities
d. We believe we know God mostly as the Divine attribute of Mind.


a. We believe a spirit-first orientation leads to Christ Consciousness.
b. We believe a spirit-first orientation is the rebirth that transforms us into Christ.
c. We believe that Christ is a union with God.
d. We believe the life and teachings of Jesus Christ are the example of how we become Christ.


a. We believe our life is our conscious mind.
b. We believe that we are alien to the earth.
c. We believe that we are stranded on earth accidentally.
d. We believe that some of us are stranded on earth over many physical incarnations.
e. We believe we escape reincarnation once we become Christ.


a. We believe the Gospel records of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Thomas are the legitimate sources of information about Jesus Christ.
b. We believe The Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ is a legitimate Gospel harmony revealed to Edward J. Gordon in 2005 A.D.
c. We believe the Gospel records of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Thomas, and the Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ represent the final canon of Veridicanism.
d. We believe in the freedom to examine any other source that will aid our understanding of God and Christ, and support our spiritual development.


a. We believe life is our individual consciousness.
b. We believe our individual consciousness is a mode of the Divine attribute of Mind.
c. We believe the ultimate life is lived within the Kingdom of God.


a. We believe death is the cessation of the functions of the physical body.
b. We reject the belief that death of the body is death of the mind.
c. We believe the mind is freed upon our bodily death to continue its journey to the Kingdom of God
d. We believe that only a total reunification with the Divine attribute of Mind could bring about the cessation of our existence.
e. We believe that God has not willed the cessation of our existence into Nature.


a. We believe that heaven is synonymous with the Kingdom of God on the astral plane.
b. We believe that all minds have a permanent home in the Kingdom of God.
c. We believe that to reside in the Kingdom of God is union with God.


a. We believe that no conscious mind wants to be separated from the Kingdom of God or the direct presence of God.
b. We believe hell exists in various degrees outside the Kingdom of God.
c. We believe hell is ultimately instructional, producing within a conscious mind spiritual experience and wisdom.
d. We believe the full misery of hell is only apparent when viewing it from the Kingdom of God.


a. We believe anything that brings us to a spirit-first orientation is good.
b. We believe anything that prevents our spirit-first orientation or our becoming Christ is evil.
c. We believe all moral situations are judged by those two criteria without further complications.


a. We believe we worship God when we communicate with God.
b. We believe we worship God when we allow God to communicate through us.
c. We believe the worship of God is the practice of the Spiritual Gifts.
d. We believe we worship God with our sincere commitment to the spirit-first orientation.
e. We believe we worship God when we sincerely seek to know the truth.


a. We believe the spiritual gifts below are important for all spirit-first people to practice if they are able.
b. We believe some spirit-first people have special talents for one or more of the following:

i. Therapeutic communication
ii. Divination
iii. Prophecy
iv. Healing
v. Spell work
vi. Astrological Analysis
vii. Dream interpretation
viii. Astral Travel
ix. Mediumship
x. Spiritual instruction
xi. Positive encouragement
xii. Charitable Compassion


a. We believe humanity will one day become extinct as a species on earth.
b. We believe until that time, we should live our lives worshiping God and providing companionship and support to our brothers and sisters who are spirit-first in this world.
c. We believe a decline is taking place now that is precipitating the extinction of humanity.
d. We believe all spirit-first people will be gone before the extinction of humanity on earth, causing a severe and swift de-evolution of civilization.
e. We believe that over time it will become harder and harder to find our spirit-first brothers and sisters among the peoples of the earth.
f. We believe a strong anti-Christ force is sweeping the earth even now causing many of our brothers and sisters to falter.
g. We believe the purpose of this anti-Christ force is to bring about the de-evolution, decline, and extinction of humanity on earth.
h. We believe we should prepare in whatever way we can considering this knowledge of the End of Days.