Changing the term “City of Stars”


The term “City of Stars” will be replaced with “Kingdom of God.” in the Tenets of Veridicanism.

1. Jesus used the term Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven interchangeably in the Gospels, and he is referring to the place where God is fully realized, and that is the definition of the City of Stars.

2. The City of Stars was used because it’s what I see on the astral plane as I approach it through astral travel. It appears to be a galaxy-sized city. So, I called it the City of Stars, but I would rather defer to Christ’s terminology, because mine has no special meaning, even to me. It was just a descriptive term.

3. “City of Stars” is an awkward and unnecessary term for Veridicans who mostly come from a Christian background.

Working on the Veridican Gospel


I am currently editing the Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was originally written back in 2005, but it had many grammatical and textual errors. Fortunately, it was removed from Kindle and CreateSpace before anyone ever bought it, and I am the only one with any extant copies. Therefore, reloading the new interior text won’t affect anyone. But it is time consuming.

Reading the Gospel, whether you read one of the New Testament Gospels or the VGJC is extremely centering. One gets swept away. This makes editing it very hard, and I can only do it in small doses, one chapter at a time (and there are some 52 chapters). I am on Chapter 8.
I remember it took 9 months to write. I meticulously printed out copies of each New Testament Gospel as well as the Gospel of Thomas and found the parallel narratives and edited them together into one. The extraneous material I fit in where it seemed appropriate, and hopefully the Spirit was giving me the inspiration to do so.

I have 11 copies of the first printing. There were 12, but I think I may have given one away to someone once. I was going to burn them when this edition comes out, but I suppose I will keep them for history’s sake. The copyright date on the latest version will be the same, 2012, because technically, this is just another printing, and the changes are only minor editing of errors.
One will know the new printing from the old printing, because the new printing will have a printing history on the publication page that I never put in the first printing.

Anyway, it’s a slow go, but I suppose in a month or two it’ll be back out.

The Veridican Cross

The cross as a symbol of Veridicanism has been there since the beginning. There is no sense in me pretending that Veridicanism is not a Christian philosophy; it is–it always has been. It’s heretical; It’s Gnostic-flavored; It’s New Age, and it is nothing like you find in a cathedral or tin-roofed Baptist church, but like so many sects and cults of the 1st Century, it attempts to understand what Jesus was. It tries to interpret his life. Because something within every spirit-first person knows intuitively that what he was is what we are supposed to be.

The Spirit-First Orientation of Veridicans

Way back in time, when I was a Christian, and I had my convictions as a Christian, I had tremendous faith, but then I grew out of that, and I put it away, but when I did, I put away my faith as well.

I studied everything trying to get my religion back, all manner of religious and occult practices. Along the way, I even developed my psychic gifts of divination and used them to become a professional psychic, but I still had an empty hole in my heart where Christianity used to fit, and I knew there was no going back to it.

Because once you pull away the curtain to reveal the true Oz, once you’ve turned around and seen the people walking by the cave entrance (Read the allegory of the Cave in Plato’s Republic.), there’s no way to go back and recapture the faith and conviction that used to keep you warm within its ignorance.

So, I made a list of what I believe. After all my spiritual travels, I have 7 statements I absolutely know to be true. I know they are true, because they’ve been revealed to me, or I’ve seen them with my own spiritual senses while in astral travel. And when I read them, I feel the conviction I used to have. For years now, in my mind, they’ve stood the test of time, so I present them to you now, and I call it the Spirit-First Orientation of Veridicans.

1. We are spirit first and physical second.

2. Spirit-first people are alien to the earth.

3. Every spirit-first consciousness has an astral home within the astral City of Stars.

4. The earth is a waypoint on our journey to that City.

5. Our life on earth is an accidental delay we encountered on our journey.

6. We do not die. Death is simply waking up to leave this waypoint.

7. Our goal now is to awaken our spirit-first orientation so we can find others of our kind and offer our support and companionship while we wait to to travel on to the City of Stars.