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  • Veridicanism is a neologism that derives from the word veridical.
  • Veridical, in the case of this word, means true.
  • The suffix -an is combined with veridical to denote a follower of that which is true (a Veridican).
  • -ism is a suffix attached that denotes a doctrine.
  • Thus, Veridicanism means The doctrine of those who follow that which is true.


Veridicanism is the name of a Christian philosophy founded by Edward Gordon in Riverside, California in 1993. It began as the Veridical Christian Society, a protestant non-denominational bible study with only a few members that formed in reaction to the Government's handling of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas earlier that year. It disbanded after only a few months.

From then on, it became Gordon's personal religious view which only he and his wife share. It has evolved through many different spiritual paths that Gordon has taken over the years, but in 2017, Gordon solidified the doctrine into a form which he now considers true and unchangeable; hence, the creation of this website to explain that philosophy.